Back to Basics

07.02.15 | 4:2PM |

Let’s get down to basics. Education is important. SO important that the Hall Family Foundation dedicated their whole 2014 Annual report to the fundamental need for educational philanthropy. “Fundamentals” capitalizes on proper education across the board in the Greater Kansas City area and the impact it has on our society. So, in light of all this, we took the basics of education and elevated the concept with student portraits and inspirational still-lifes. The word “report” normally has kids running to their mailboxes to intercept grades before mom and dad see them, but this report is a step towards sending kids out into the world with confidence in their future.

Goods Popping Up

06.17.15 | 2:17PM |

Undeniably, the Otis College of Art and Design gave into our doe-eyed, winsome and lovable litter of mugs and agreed to show them off at their pop-up gallery store in Los Angeles on the 25th of July. The gallery will include work from other alumni designers and all work will be available for purchase. The “God Hates Goods” collection was started by Otis Alumnae and Design Ranch’s principal Ingred Sidie as a way to poke fun at those who spread hate while raising money for human rights. Get your hands on some propaganda to put these delightful furballs to an end at our website: Or if you’re in the L.A. area, stop by the shop!

The Communication Arts Illustration Annual is out in full force. There were 4,313 submissions, from all over the globe that entered this year and we are proud to say that Design Ranch’s work for Unicorn Theatre was recognized as one of the best of advertising illustrations. The high level of conceptual thinking and execution impressed the jurors. Translation: This year’s illustrations were smart and good looking. Here, here!

A Van About Town

04.24.15 | 1:24PM |

Look what just pulled into our neighborhood. Carthage Stoneworks is on a roll! The look we designed for the natural stone experts is tried and true. Our designers mixed innovation with tradition for these stone fabricators. The crew at Carthage is a great example of success in sticking to your brand. You know what they always say… a rolling stoneworker gathers no moss.

How the “T” Came to Be

04.01.15 | 10:1PM |

Tanner Consolidated is a diverse holding company with a broad spectrum of real estate capabilities. Since the company is focused on creating one-of-a-kind experiences they needed a brand to reflect their quality of work without competing with the individual brands they develop. Design Ranch focused on a clear image of distinction, letting Tanner Consolidated’s work speak for itself.

Investing in Good Design

03.24.15 | 4:24PM |

American Century Investments is known for consistently delivering superior investment performance. The experts at the financial firm asked us to create a piece that appeals to its greatest company asset: its people. The result was a welcoming introduction, certain to make any newbie ready to be a part of the team.

Design Ranch is feeling good about our performance at this year’s Addy Awards. We came home with six, count ’em, SIX GOLD ADDY’S and a load of silvers! (We stopped counting at 16.) We also won “Best of Show” for our Unicorn Theater poster series. It was a fantastic show of the best in the advertising community and we are just proud to be a part of it. Thank you AAF!

Wishing your Christmas was little ranchier? Follow our brandspankin’ holiday gift guide and you can’t go wrong! Put a little design love in someone’s stocking with these gift ideas designed by Design Ranch:


1.// For the ever-worried mother: Boltwell preparedness kit…. It may not seem like the end of the world that you haven’t found a man yet, when the end is actually near.


2.// For the party friend: Sparkling XO… It’s sparkling wine, French-kissed with cognac. Hell oui, it’s good.


3.// For the future political activist: God Hates Goods tshirt…. Christmas is a time for love. Let’s poke a little fun at the haters.


4.// For the socialite: Finefolk gift card…. She’ll love flaunting her latest piece at the next cocktail party.


5.// For your brother : Unforked gift certificate….  Tacos, on tacos, on tacos. That bottomless pit can order all the Barking Pigs he wants.


6.// For your grandmother the cook: ZoZoi Bougatsa… Tell her it’s homemade. You’re following in her footsteps. Wink, wink. J


7.// For the office holiday potluck: Walker Fresh Foods Potato Salad…. Pick it up at your local grocer. Everyone will thank you… via mumbles…. between bites.


8.// For the crazy aunt: Fit Formula membership…. Let her burn off the energy and mix it with some Namaste. You may actually enjoy sitting next to her at family Christmas.

While the big man at the North Pole is busy making lists, we are busy cranking out some festive designs for our clients. Even though its doors won’t open until 2015, the National Museum of Toys / Miniatures is spreading a little holiday cheer with a holiday card featuring the new brand. Naughty or nice, this is sure to put a twinkle in your eye.